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Virtual Casino Nights

Virtual Casino Nights from Viva Vegas

Our Virtual Fun Casinos allow you the opportunity to play all the top casino games including roulette, blackjack, craps / dice and Poker from the comfort and safety of your home or office.

We are all set and ready to go with our newly built Viva Vegas studio. At Viva Vegas we are renowned for the quality of our casino tables coupled with our experienced, professional croupiers. Rest assured our virtual offering will be played to the same high standards.

Virtual Casino table hire

Online Casino Nights

If you are looking for virtual casino nights, look no further, Viva Vegas have got you covered, we are a casino night event hire company and we provide a range of online casino night services across the UK. At Viva Vegas we make it our priority to provide our customers and clients with the best virtual casino night hire experience, our services really will make your party or event a night to remember for your guests. When you choose Viva Vegas we guarantee that your online casino night will run smoothly, simply call today. For more information, feel free to call on our team’s services today, Viva Vegas should be your first choice for virtual casino nights.

Virtual Casino

How Our Virtual Casino Nights Work

Easily connect with us through Zoom or another platform of your choice. We will supply a live professional croupier for each table. We can provide a single casino table or entertain large numbers with a selection of different tables set in multiple breakout rooms.

If you’re not sure how to play don’t worry our croupiers will explain the games and how the event will run. Want to learn more about the games. As with our live events we can also run a virtual masterclass on all the games. Guests will all start with the same amount of gaming chips at each table. At the end of play we will total up all the chips to find out the top winners. On multi-table events this can be played both individually or in teams.

If you have played at a live game in the past whether for fun or in a real casino, you will know that the casino tables cater for approximately 7-10 guests at each. We recommend keeping to the same number for the virtual experience. This allows our croupiers to effectively manage and keep the action flowing. Our Virtual Casino Hire options include;

Virtual Roulette hire

Virtual Blackjack hire

Virtual Craps / dice hire

Virtual Three Card Poker hire

Virtual Casino Stud Poker hire

Virtual Texas Hold’em Poker hire

Virtual Casino Masterclasses

Our Virtual Casino Events are perfect entertainment for Team building, networking, post zoom meetings, corporate entertainment, staff socials, private events, charity fundraisers and Virtual Christmas parties.

Virtual Black Jack Hire

Why Choose Viva Vegas for Online Virtual Casino Nights?

At Viva Vegas we make it our priority to offer our customers with excellent virtual casino hire services. When it comes to a virtual casino experience, we provide high quality and affordable services that will have all of your guests and attendees entertained and occupied all night. You can trust that you’re in the right place as we put all of our customers first and do everything to ensure that they receive a friendly, fun and memorable online experience. When you choose Viva Vegas, you can trust that it will be an online experience to remember. For virtual casino hire, get in touch with our team today, you won’t be disappointed, we will provide you with the best online casino hire events, we can also provide free quotes.

For Virtual Casino Nights, Contact Viva Vegas Today

If you’re looking for virtual casino nights, look no further, Viva Vegas has got you covered. We offer a range of online virtual casino nights, just get in touch with our team. We are proud to provide a range of quality online casino event hire services across the area and are known for the excellent virtual casino party hire that we offer. We are renowned across for our virtual casino hire, whatever theme, party or type of event that you are hosting, at Viva Vegas, we should be your first port of call for virtual casino nights. For more information, or should you want to discuss your needs and requirements, simply call on our team today.

Advice on Casino Nights

Casino Nights under the Gambling Act 2005

Casino gaming includes games like roulette and blackjack where players compete against the “house” or a banker, rather than against one another on equal terms.

Commercial casino gaming

Commercial casino gaming is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission. If you wish to provide casino gaming on a commercial basis you should consult the Commission: www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk.

Casino gaming in clubs

Clubs and miners’ welfare institutes that hold a club gaming permit issued by their local licensing authority may provide facilities for two specific types of “banker’s” game: chemin de fer and pontoon (blackjack is not permitted). A maximum participation fee of £3 per person, per day may be charged for this gaming, but no amounts may be deducted from either stakes or prizes. See the separate fact sheet on “Gaming in clubs” for further details.

Non-commercial casino gaming

Organisations that wish to provide casino games for charitable or other noncommercial purposes (e.g. to raise funds for a club or society) may do so under the prize gaming provisions in Part 14 of the Act. Non-commercial gaming of this kind may only take place at events where none of the proceeds from the event itself are used for private gain. For these purposes, the proceeds of an event constitute the sums raised by its organisers (including sums raised by way of participation fees, sponsorship, commission from traders, or otherwise) minus the costs reasonably incurred in organising the event. However, sums raised by other persons will not form part of the proceeds of the event and so may be appropriated for private gain. An example would be refreshments provided at the event by an independent third party. Non-commercial gaming may be an ancillary activity or the only or principal purpose of the event. To qualify as prize gaming, the prizes (whether in cash or in kind) should be put up in advance, and must not be dependent on the number of players taking part or the amount of money staked. The players participating in non-commercial gaming must also be told what “good cause” is to benefit from the profits from the gaming. There are no statutory limits on stakes, prizes, participation fees or other charges for this type of noncommercial gaming. No licence, permit or other form of permission is required to operate this kind of gaming provided that the statutory conditions are complied with.

Private casino gaming

Private casino gaming may take place in two sets of circumstances. Domestic gaming: in a private dwelling, on a domestic occasion. Residential gaming: in a hostel, hall of residence or similar establishment (but not on premises operated as a trade or business) provided that the majority of those taking part are residents. No charge may be made for participation in private gaming (and that includes an entrance fee or other charge for admission), nor may any amounts be deducted from stakes or prizes. Private gaming may not be provided in any place to which the public have access, and no profits may be made from it, regardless of the purpose to which they may be put. NB. This fact sheet is intended to provide a general explanation of the circumstances in which “casino nights” can be operated under the Gambling Act 2005. It does not deal with every detail of the legislative provisions, or with the individual circumstances of a particular case. This fact sheet does not constitute legal advice and is not a substitute for the relevant legal provisions. If you are in any doubt about the legality of any gambling activities that you intend to promote or for which you intend to provide facilities, you are strongly advised to seek independent legal advice. Department for Culture Media and Sport August 2007