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A themed party hire is an event where guests enjoy a night that is a specific theme; the theme could be based on a range of different things, from a certain era, movie, TV show, or any other concept that the host chooses. Popular themed party nights include Las Vegas, James Bond 007, decade themes including the 1920s, 70s, 80s and 90s, Great Gatsby, masquerade balls, Monte Carlo, a Hoedown theme; the list is endless. A themed party night is a brilliant way to entertain your guests; it’s something different and will ensure a memorable experience for all of your guests. These types of events and special occasions will need lots of planning and organisation, they are perfect for any celebrations including birthday parties, corporate events and even weddings.

Here at Viva Vegas, we have put together some themed party night ideas!

Las Vegas

A Las Vegas themed party hire is a theme that involves recreating the excitement and glamour of the city’s famous casinos, nightlife, and entertainment. It’s a great idea, especially for those who love the thrill of gambling, bright lights, and big personalities. Guests can dress up in flashy outfits and also enjoy activities like casino hire, which includes poker games, roulette, blackjack, and slot machines. There are plenty of Las Vegas decorations to complement your event, this includes neon lights, playing cards, dice, and casino-themed props.

As well as casino games and gambling, other entertainment to include at your Las Vegas themed party includes live music and magic performances. The Las Vegas catering and meal options can include classic Vegas cuisine like shrimp cocktails, sliders, and cocktails, including the famous Vegas staple, the “Mint Julep”. A Las Vegas-themed party is a great and exciting way to bring the energy of the city’s famous nightlife and entertainment to your event.

James Bond 007

A James Bond-themed party, will provide sophistication for your guests, the famous British spy will definitely add an exciting twist. The theme is perfect for those who love action, espionage, and the elegance of the Bond franchise. Your guests can dress up in formal attire, tuxedos, and ballgowns will fit the theme, like the iconic Bond characters. You can decorate the party with props from the movie like Aston Martin cars, spy gadgets, and movie posters.

In addition to dressing up, a James Bond-themed party can also include activities such as casino games hire like baccarat or poker, target shooting, and even a spy scavenger hunt. For catering, the menu can include Bond-style cocktails like martinis shaken not stirred, caviar, and other elegant finger foods. A James Bond-themed party is a fun and sophisticated way to bring the excitement and elegance of the Bond franchise to your event. With the right props, decorations, activities, and menu, you and your guests can feel like you are part of the famous spy’s world.

The 1920s

A 1920s prohibition-themed party is an event that captures the glamour and intrigue of the era of American prohibition. This theme can be perfect for those who love vintage style, jazz music, and the allure of the speakeasy. At a 1920s prohibition-themed party, guests can dress up in flapper dresses, feather boas, and fedoras to capture the look of the era. Decorations can include prohibition-era props such as antique liquor bottles, vintage cocktail glasses, and jazz music instruments.

In addition to dressing up, a 1920s prohibition-themed party can also include activities such as a casino with classic games like blackjack or poker, live jazz music, and a secret password to enter the “speakeasy”. Catering can include elegant finger foods such as deviled eggs, shrimp cocktails, and bite-sized quiches. Overall, a 1920s prohibition-themed party is a fun and sophisticated way to bring the allure and glamour of the era to your event. By using the right props, decorations, activities menu, your guests will feel like they have been transported back in time to the era of the speakeasy, leaving them talking about your party in the years to come.

Monte Carlo

A Monte Carlo-themed party is an event that recreates the luxurious and elegant atmosphere of the famous European casino city. This theme can be perfect for those who love high-stakes gambling, upscale fashion, and opulent décor. At a Monte Carlo-themed party, guests can dress up in formal black-tie attire or chic cocktail dresses to capture the sophisticated look of the city’s upscale clientele. Decorations can include props such as crystal chandeliers, roulette tables, and gold accents.

In addition to gambling, a Monte Carlo-themed party can also incorporate other entertainment options such as live music, acrobatic performances, and even a fashion show. Catering can include upscale cuisine such as caviar, foie gras, and champagne. Overall, a Monte Carlo-themed party is a fun and elegant way to bring the luxury and excitement of the European casino city to your event. With the right props, decorations, activities, and menu, you and your guests can feel like you are part of the city’s upscale and glamorous clientele.

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